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Bertin Red Splat

CHF 440







This Bertin is a real bomb. A nimble and super light Vitus 999 frame equipped with efficient and reliable parts. You’ll move effortlessly across the city. I found it in a garage sale near Chambery and couldn’t believe the impeccable state it was in. Thoroughly checked and serviced, it is ready to change your rides for the better.



– 3×7 Shimano DeoreLX
– DeoreLX Crankset
– Rx100 Brakes
– Mavic Rims
– Shimano Hubs
– New Pedals
– New Michelin Lithion 23 tires

This is

how we do it

Rescuing lonely bicycles

Bicycles are collected around the Alpes from “too old to ride anymore” owners or minimalists trying to make some room.

Rejuvenating them

The bicycles are brought to Annecy and taken apart, After being thoroughly cleaned they’re made ready so they can face this new millennium.

Put up for adoption

On the website or through social media, each refurbished bicycle is given the opportunity to find a new owner and serve a new purpose.

A vintage bicycle makes a great companion for everyday life.

By purchasing an old bike, your environmental imprint is nearly zero as almost no new resources or energy are used to get you your new ride.

The original designs give each bike its unique identity; they can sometimes be looked at as genuine art pieces.

Pick up

in Zurich


In switzerland


3 months


100% secure

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