Why adopting​

a Steel Vintage Bicycle ?​​

Nothing compares to riding
a steel vintage bicycle.

Steel is strong, durable, and light; it offers one of the most comfortable rides you can get. Steel vintage bicycles make a great choice as commuter bikes or for leisure bikes for weekend rides. All vintage bikes were handmade and carefully constructed by quality workers, and this means secure and high-quality rides.

A vintage bicycle makes a great companion for everyday life.

By purchasing an old bike, your environmental imprint is nearly zero as almost no new resources or energy are used to get you your new ride.

The original designs give each bike its unique identity; they can sometimes be looked at as genuine art pieces.

Rescuing lonely bicycles

Bicycles are collected around the Alpes from “too old to ride anymore” owners or minimalists trying to make room.

Rejuvenating them

The bicycles are brought to Zürich and taken apart; after being thoroughly cleaned, they’re made ready to face this new millennium.

Put up for adoption

On the website or through social media, each refurbished bicycle is allowed to find a new owner and serve a unique purpose

Restored bikes

We take our bikes completely apart; we carefully check, clean, and grease them.

We try to use as few new parts as possible. They are equipped with new stainless steel cables, new cable housings, new tubes, and new tires, headset and bottom bracket are replaced only if deemed necessary.

Matching parts

All new parts have been carefully selected to best match the vintage style of the bike. Every bike is unique.

The bike’s paint-jobs and stickers are original and might have more or less tear and wear. Those marks left by time and use are taken into consideration in the price of the final bicycle.

Here is how you can
acquire your bike :

After thinking about how much packing material was needed, 

we decided to send as few bicycles via the post as possible 

Come and ride it !

Meet us @Altestten for a test-ride to help make up your mind.

Not from Zürich?

Contact us to organize a delivery.

Up for an adventure?

Come to us; we will help you discover bicycle touring and tell you how to safely and comfortably get back home on your vintage bike. You do not need to be an athlete nor to have a lot of gear. Accessible, resourcing, and mind opening, re-discover Switzerland at a human pace.

At UpCycle, we want you to be absolutely happy with your new bike!

If you do experience any problem with your bike, check out
our UpCycle warranty.

The warranty covers any defects in material as well as any defects in workmanship under normal use of the bike. Please do remember that most parts are used and that despite our different tests of your bicycle, some parts might have certain defects.

UpCycle will either repair the bike at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts (we tend to go for used part to limit our imprint). If your situation makes it difficult for us to lay eyes on the bike, we can reimburse costs made at your local bike shop after our approval to do so.

The warranty period is 3 months from the date of purchase.

The warranty does not cover any problem caused by a fall not directly linked with defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover theft or loss of a bike.

To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us to determine the problem and we will then find together the most appropriate solution for you.